The bluebonnets caught me by surprise this year!  During the move to Rockport, it didn’t occur to me that they would be out a few weeks earlier.  This was the only little patch I could find that wasn’t near a major road, so it  was a total spur-of-the-moment, everyone jump out, try and wipe your face and slick down your hair, overcast and dark kind of day.  But I figured I better get it while I could so Grandmother would be proud!  We haven’t missed a year since Aubrey was born. Someday after Crosby turns 18, I’ll put them all in one album. That’s what keeps me motivated when the bugs are biting us and kids are uncooperative.

Only 16 more years to go…





In other news, Brodie and I celebrated 17 years of marriage!  The traditional gift for seventeen years is shells.  So I guess buying me a house at the coast should count, right?  Aubrey snapped this pic of us while we were at the Big Tree waiting to see our house and make an offer on it!  I love you babe and can’t wait to see what the next year brings in our new home!





More good stuff that I’m just now posting.  My cousin, Ginny, wanted some pictures for Christmas cards, so the Turnbows stopped by my mom’s house so we could catch the few fall leaves before they were gone.  I had forgotten that sometimes it’s harder to photograph Dad than it is to photograph a toddler!  I’m so thankful for these folks and we will sure miss them when we head south after the first of the year. I love you guys!


I love this family! They have been so good to our family over the past few years and are a great testament to generosity and doing for others.  If you know them, you know it was quite a feat to get them all together at once.  That’s what having a house full of teenagers is all about.  Thanks, guys, for letting me photograph your family and sharing these memories.  I’m thankful for each of you and your friendship.  Merry Christmas!